Our Presentations:
We are always delighted to be asked to bring our Living History Presentations into school as well as at various sites around the country and are able to offer a wide range of events based across the history curriculum.

We offer events ranging from Celtic Britain up to the Homefront (World War II) and are always happy to consider specific requests such as The English Civil War, the Restoration, Georgian England and Nelson’s Navy – unusual topics for the current curriculum but which we have successfully presented in the past.

Members of the team have developed a range of different characters (with appropriate costume and artefacts) so that we can offer a real mix of social class, gender and activity.
These characters include:

  • - A Roman Soldier
  • - A Roman Merchant / Roman Lady
  • - A Celtic Woman
  • - A Viking Warrior
  • - An Apothecary
  • - A Candlemaker
  • - A Musician
  • - A Wise Woman - skilled in plant lore and cures
  • - Soldiers - skilled in archery, use of the pike, the musket and cannon
  • - A Washerwoman – Medieval, Tudor or Victorian
  • - The Scribe
  • - A Lady or her maid - looking at costume or setting a period table correctly
  • - A Knight Hospitaller
  • - A Travelling Pedlar or games woman
  • - A Cook
  • - A Storyteller
  • - A Housekeeper
  • - A Moneyer (Coin maker)
  • - Victorian Policeman
  • - Victorian Schoolroom
  • - Victorian Toys, Optical Illusions and games to play
  • - A Suffragette
  • - A member of the WVS
  • - A member of the Home Guard
  • - A Land Girl

- An ARP Warden

Our extensive range of artefacts mean that we can also bring a selection into school for a handling experience.

We can offer one character up to ten and we are always happy to discuss individual requirements and, where possible, new characters and activities may be included when resources permit.

Please feel free to contact us for a more specific teaching plan, to discuss timings (we are happy to fit our presentations around your school day) and how we can help you to bring history alive for your group or school.

Our Sites

Hands On The Past currently invite schools to three sites around the country:

Oxburgh Hall >

Baddesley Clinton >

Hedingham Castle >

Your Event

Hands On The Past can build an event for your school but we also offer 'ready-made' presentions.

Take a look at the list of activities we can already offer:

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